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Soon after I had purchased it in 2012

Today I have stripped the doors back to bare metal, hopefully I can spray them in 1st coat Red Oxide primer. Panels not shown I do have including Sidemounts, Headlamps and Trumpet Horns. Brilliant condition for 87 years old.

Managed to get holding primer on the Doors and most of the paint of the Trunk Lid, may have enough primeleft to spray the Lid tomorrow.

New supply of paint didn’t show up today but carried on stripping more paint, couldn’t use the paint stripping disc on the Hood Top as it created too much heat coursing the panel to distort. First panel is the Rear Valance, the square holes are where the luggage rack brackets pass through.

25/05/20 Covid 19 restrictions have started to lift here in the UK, spent part of the day tidying around before starting in earnest. So today I made a start on finishing off the bare metal stripping of the last side of the Hood Top Panel, will get some more photos tomorrow.

Getting into the paint stage really well now, it’s all about having the confidence to get stuck-in. Previously the thought of having to clean the gun out every time I used it deterred my thoughts of even picking it up but now it’s just part of the spraying process. Below are photos of where I’m at now, as I finish each panel to a particular stage I wrap the pieces in cling film A to give some protection, B to keep the free of dust so that I can start the next process straight away. The Running Board splash aprons are now ready for wrapping up so on the the rear Fenders, next week will take me to the Front Fenders, once they are wrapped up , will have to have a change around in my small workshop. The body is up on my 2 post lift, the 41 rolling chassis is under the lift, so the 33 Body needs to come out of the shop and the 41 will go up in the air which will give me space to strip the body back to bare metal.

Made a start on the Front Fenders, these are a fair size, 63″ long x 24″ wide and stand 24″ high. Should have the second front Fender in red oxide by the end of this next week (28/06/20)

Stripped the Radiator Grill back to bare metal and now have it in primer

Now looking at the Running Boards, these still have most of the original covering from 87 yrs ago. Strange as it may sound but these are the same length as my boards for the 1934 PE Pickup.

29/09/2020 Had these plates made up for show purposes, this is the original South African registration.

25/10/2020 managed to get some free time to make a start with the Epoxy Primer on one of the Hood Sides.

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