1941 Blog

23/03/2020 Coronavirus halts progress until it’s over.

14/07/2020 Now that things have stabilised into the New Normal hopefully can get back into this Truck. To do list:- 1.Finish spraying the inside of the Cab. 2 Fit most of the electrics and Gauges to the Dashboard. 3 Replace the Cab to the Frame

20/07/2020 Stated work again with the Cab, the outside is now ready for paint all the imperfections have been eliminated, so tomorrow the inside needs some fine prep. before the masking process can start.

21/07/2020 Colour to the inside.

The Cab is now ready to go back on the frame, requires more paint but nothing that can’t be done later. The green has now had 3 coats rubbing down with P400 & P1000 wet and dry. Some areas will get P2000 before using a polishing mop with Canuba cutting compound.

Giant step forward this week, not only does this rebuild leep forward it also gives me an extra 36 sq ft of floor space. Feeling very please to have had assistance from my 15 yr old grandson working with me, thanks Callum.

07/08/2020 Fitting the pedals onto the pedal shaft, normally this would be done prior to putting the Cab on. Had my doubts that it would be possible but although slightly difficult to fit the woodruff key on the shaft before the clutch adjusting yoke. The yoke controls the position the clutch pedal operates, the adjustment will be done once the seat and the floorboards are in the cab.

10/08/2020 First touch of black paint went on the r/h front Fender. Not the best photo but I am very pleased with the result. Second photo is the drivers side well under way 11/09/2020. Next 2 photos are the rear fenders at different stages of prep. 16/09/2020

24/08/2020 Last week sprayed the Rad Shell and Lower Grill, so today bolted the 2 pieces together and fitted to the front end, very pleased how this milestone turned out.

As of 04/01/2021 Covid 19 has put the UK back into lockdown, update will return as soon as conditions permit.

30/05/2021 Just a small update on what been happening on this slow journey.