My name is Tom, I live in the south west of the UK, now retired I spend most of my days working alone restoring early Plymouth vehicles. For years I have posted on various forum platforms and believe now is a good time to post my individual journeys of my cars on my platform.

My Background

  • Tool Maker by trade working on new and maintaining existing Plastic Mould Tools.
  • In earlier yrs big into DIY Home building extensions and Barn conversions even extra bedroom ensuite in the Attic.
  • Started to makes iron gates at the age of seventeen to up my income.
  • Had my first mortgage at twenty-one.
  • Finished paying for my third Mortgage in 15 yrs.


  • Always been interested in photography, more of a point and shoot man but my 16 yr old Grandson is going to teach me ‘How to use a Camera in Manual mode’.
  • Playing with cars.
  • Exploring the UK.
  • Spending time at our Beach Hut feet from the Sea.
  • Pursuing the unknown, zero-to -hero springs to mind.
  • Understanding the workings of Mental Health.

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