It's all about Plymouths

Firstly they are easy to work on, in most cases there is an abundance of spare parts, albeit most are at least 4000 miles across the pond. The basic Flathead L6 was made from 1933/54 obviously changes were made over the years upgrading them and in the right hands the performance can be considerably improved. One of the important thing to bare in mind is that Chrysler produced two different length motors, the USA producing 23.5″ and Canada 25″ from front to back of the Head.

Here we will talk about 3 specific models, 1933 PD Rumble Seat Coupe (in the UK we would call it a Dicky Seat, not sure if that term came from the days of house draw transport) this a RHD being built in Detroit for a South African order. Then we have a rare 1934 Pickup, Dodge and Plymouth vehicles were built on the same track and Dodge started producing Pickup Trucks late 1928 for the 1929 launch. What I am restoring is built on a 1934 PE frame, the front end is PE to the cowl line with a Dodge Cab, the bed is thought to be in 1935 Dodge style as Plymouth didn’t produce a Truck until 1937. My last Truck is a 1941 PT125, this was the last year that Plymouth made a commercial vehicle.

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