Coachwork & Trim Restored

Shall I Begin:-

As you can guess this is the first attempt working with web pages, perhaps I’m getting a little old in the tooth to try new tricks but let’s see how we go because we are never beyond learning something new. How many times do we hear or say “I never knew that”, so stay tuned for more. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates.

None of us will ever know everything, I was talking to a highly skilled paint sprayer a few days ago, trying to pick up some tips, I’d asked him about how do you know when a panel is ready to paint. His reply was “I can’t tell you, it’s a black art, I can shut my eyes, you put a panel before me and without opening my eyes I can feel if it’s good enough”. Skill has to be learnt over a number of yrs, we are all different and we can’t do everything.