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She sat in Austin Texas from 1986-2013

Latest piece made for this Restoration is a replica Bench seat carcase, in the 1933/34 style.

The last photo is the seat out of my 1933 PD.

While in lockdown I put the time to good use on the projects, for the I worked on an easy way to achieve a sunburst design on the Artillery wheels as the photo below.

This is a Dodge wheel, it has 15 opening where the Plymouth only has 10, have come up with a mask that would be applied over the cream area in the center of the wheel. Yet to come up with an idea on the pinstripes towards to outside of the rim, I could make a mask for them but getting the in the correct position is not easy, they may have to be hand painted as they always have been. Plymouth never offered Sunburst as an option but to me they should have.

Another thing I’ve been working on is the Hood Ornament, for this early 1934 PE they are rare,I could purchase a repro in stainless steel but there would be no change from $400 plus shipping. The originals were made in pot metal and once the chrome starts to lift water ingrese turns metal to dust. image below is a scaled drawing that a very good friend sent me copied from his glorious PE.

Made some progress with the Hood ornament cutting pieces brass for some of the parts. First was the outer ring, this will have to be in 2 parts, top above the deck and lower below, the deck will intertwine with the ring sections. The masts and booms also pass through the ring so it will be like a jigsaw to put together. What I have in the photo below is the top ring, 4 parts of the sails, 1 of 2 masts, 1 of 3 deck lengths and the base that bolt to the Radiator Shell.

PE Mayflower Hood Ornament

Started work on the Rad Shell today 06/07/20, this shell has not been touched since 1986, the inside is badly pitted where no protection was applied after shot blasting. The outside is pretty good as that was primed with a good coat of red oxide, have treated the inside with Fertan, that will work it’s magic overnight so tomorrow the outside will be stripped and lead load any pin holes

Well this Rad Shell is better than I originally thought, pity the chrome that was put on it 86 yrs ago wasn’t more even, the front bead would have been the only part that remained polished the rest would have been painted and it’s the painted part that is very sound.

Now on to the Running Boards these are in bare metal so I am investigating the feasibility of recovering in 2mm Rubber sheet grade EPDM, it will entail making a simple jig to maintain the bead form to the treads. These 34 Running Boards are identical to my 33 and if it works I shall recover both sets

21/10/2020 Tomorrow the start of replacing the rubber on the running boards, stay tuned to see the smiles or the agony as this process unfolds.

29/10/2020 Picked up a pair of licence plates real cheap so had to have them, cleaned up and a coat of epoxy primer.

10/12/2020 Had a break from spraying this week due to the air temp. being below 10°F so I picked up the 85 yr old Artillery Wheels back to bare metal and get red oxide primer on them over the wkend.

As of 04/01/2021 Covid 19 has put the UK back into lockdown, update will return as soon as conditions permit.

30/05/2021 Few more photos of a long long project.

13/07/2021 Front Fender #1 This gallery represents approx. 3 weeks.

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