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04/10/2021 The workshop have been moved around, the PD which has been on my 2 post lift since February 2018 is now on the floor, My 41 truck is on the lift now. First thing to do on the body is to remove all the paint back to bare metal, this is because the paint has cracked at the sharp corners of the bead lines and there are plenty of them.


13/01/2022 Epoxy primer.

16/02/2022 Wet sanding, epoxy primer followed by layout for bead lines and trials for pin stripes.

04/03/2022 This respray is taking forever only hope when finished the onlookers appreciate the time and money spent on it to give the desired effect. this is the problem on knowing what I want it to be without having the skill set to achieve it. The bead lines will be Metallic Brown with Gold Pin Stripes on an Old English White back ground. Because of the length of time involved and the fact of having to use Base coat and 2K Clear coat the car has been masked up again.

15/03/2022 Todays update, using base coat for the bead lines, Black goes on before colour.

16/03/2022 Nice bit of colour just needs the gold Pin Strips then that can have clear coat.

24/03/2022 More photos of the Bead Lines

12/04/2022 The start of pinstripes

14/04/2022 Today the 2 coats of clear coat were laid down. Looking forward to the next update that will be the results of the Old English White finish between the bead lines, hopefully I can get a pleasing finish because the solid acrylic can be temperamental between dry over spray and runs.

30/05/2022 Very pleased with the way the 2K acrylic laid down, second photo is the 89 year old timber bearers which go between the body and the frame.

03/06/2022 The frame was last painted in 2012, thought it was time to freshen it up.

Body’s going together 14/07/2022

Big steps are starting to happen, Body is now bolted to the frame, Splash Aprons are on ready for the running boards, Doors and Trunk lid hung but some minor adjustments are required.

06/08/2022 The last 2 Fenders are now ready for clear coat.

Adjustments to the front brace.

22/11/2022: Found out that the previous owner had set the radiator height wrong, Towards the bottom of the rad the sides step inwards to allow the inside edge of the fenders to fit to the rad shell. This entailed increasing the packing under the rad by 3/8″, a little trial and error may be required.

January 2023: Slow time of the year, almost too cold to work in my uninsulated redundant farm building.

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