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Sidemount Cover Mods

18/12/2020 Back in 2013 I found 2 Sidemount Covers in the States, had them shipped over but then found they were not a pair, in fact they were also the same hand. They are made of 2 parts, an Inner and Outer, the inner can be left as they are because it’s only the catch that hands them.

In photo 4 the left hand has to be modified to match the right one but handed to give the opposite hand. the hole in the center has to be increased to 16″dia. then a window has to be cut as shown in photo 5 top R/H corner. The straight line of the window aligns with the wheel well in the front fender which is relative to 2 holes which are already there from the factory 87 yr ago. The Plymouth Emblem attaches through these holes and has to be at the top of the Outer Cover.

First of all made a simple guide that ran in the circular groove, then punched the centers for the scribed lines, drilled 2 small holes to suit. Next the start of the tipping process to turn the inside lip which in time will fold over on the inside to give a safe edge.

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