1933 Plymouth PD rumble seat Coupe

The beginning of the transformation

2019 was the start of removing all the paint from the small parts that bolt on to the body, this was due to any paint in the sharp corners would lift away from main body so it had to go. Never had envisaged venturing into a bare metal respray, the small parts went to a local sandblaster who treated then to a thin coat of zinc primer before I collected them. Once back in my care they had a coat of red oxide followed by 2 coats of epoxy high build primer.

Red Oxide
Epoxy 2K Primer

2020 Parts still requiring epoxy primer, Fenders, Splash Aprons these are in red oxide iting time. Side Mount Covers need a little more work, there are holes to patch before I can think of painting, these covers did not come with the car when purchased. there is also the irons that secure the covers to the body of the car.

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